The Weaponization Of Government – Unbelievable Congressional Testimony on IRS Targeting

[HatTip GatewayPundit for some particulars]  I hope EVERYONE watches the accompanying videos.  It is imperative that EVERYONE understands the full-throated attack currently underway by our own government.   Only by fully understanding the scope of the issue can you fully absorb the danger in front of us. 

The testimony today on capitol hill was blood boiling to say the least. During hearings about IRS targeting of conservative groups, which unlike President Obama’s claim appears fraught with political scandal, some of the victims began to lay out the details of the attacks they have endured.

One of those victims is Mrs. Catherine Engelbrecht. Catherine Eghelbrecht is a conservative activist, Tea Party member and founder of True the Vote. Mrs. Engelbrecht, outlined how she has been the specific target of FOUR federal agencies (The FBI, IRS, ATF and OSHA) along with one Texas State agency (EPA).

Prior to her founding of True The Vote, as a simple business person, she was never on the federal radar. However, as soon as she engaged in advocacy for her beliefs she was targeted by the “weaponization of government”. 14 IRS audits of personal and business finances, 4 times visited by the FBI as a ‘domestic risk’, 3 times visited by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and two audits by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

In addition Mrs. Enghelbrecht received four threatening letters and three subpoenas for documents from Congressional Black Caucus member Elijah Cummings.

The threats and intimidation by Cummings reaching such a level that today Engelbrecht formerly filed a complaint accusing Democrat Rep Elijah Cummings of specific harassment and specific intimidation (report below must watch video).

WASHINGTON DC – A conservative activist targeted by the IRS and other agencies claimed Thursday that Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings also tried to intimidate her, filing a formal complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics alleging an “abuse of power.”

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote and the King Street Patriots, aired the allegations during a hearing hosted by the committee on which Cummings sits. An attorney working with her also questioned whether Cummings might have encouraged the IRS and other agencies to target her groups.

Cummings, though, adamantly denied wrongdoing and said he can “assure” Engelbrecht that he did not direct anyone at the IRS to scrutinize her.

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